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Titles are very important for every blog post you make. More and more, people discover your blog through Twitter, Facebook updates or 'Likes' that people in their social circle shared with them.

Pay attention how the blog titles of these shared posts are almost always compelling, intriguing or even outrageous. It is not enough to have your posts recommended to them. People judge your blog posts by your titles. The more you can stop them in their tracks to take a second look, the better your chances at building your readership as well as gaining reader loyalty.

Start sharpening your blog titles today. Use this swipe file of 20 copy & paste blog title templates and tips to help you.

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Stories In Your Titles
Discover ways to creatively hint at a story in the blog title, that will capture their imagination, entertain and touch their hearts.
Secret, restricted information
Using Secrets
Find templates that show you how to use intrigue and mystery within your blog titles so readers cannot resist but click to read all about the secrets they must have.
Copy & Paste
Copy & Paste Blog Titles
Get blog title ideas you can copy and paste when in a hurry, or use as a template to spin your own titles. Add some lateral thinking you can also develop blog post ideas.
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